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AMA's Mentorship Social

This week, AMA hosted a Mentorship Social for our mentors and mentees to connect and get to know one another. We spent time networking and conducting meet and greet activities for the members of our mentorship program.

Our first activity was a simple ice breaker conversation, as we talked about our week, classes, hobbies, and interests. Next, we each were given a card and told to write down the answer to five questions: What’s your favorite movie?; What’s your favorite book?; What’s your favorite food?; What’s your favorite class taken in the Robert H. Smith school?; and What is your favorite place to study? I claimed McKeldin mall was the best place to study while others claimed the Brenden Iribe Center or Edward Saint John Learning and Teaching Center are the best places.

The group went outside to enjoy the nice weather and play a game with our answers. We had three minutes to talk to someone and guess the answer to our partner’s questions by having a casual conversation with them–we were not allowed to directly ask them the answer to the questions. For example, Ananya Khanna, my partner and fellow Freshmen, and I asked each other questions like “What was the last book you read?” to try to narrow down our options and find the answer to our favorite book. We continued the process for each question, eventually coming to a conclusion–my favorite book was Harry Potter, which she guessed correctly. After three minutes, we switched to a different partner and repeated the process.

AMA gets to know one another outside Van Munching Hall.

By the end of the social, our ice breakers had allowed us to communicate and get to know one another better. Overall, the Mentorship Social was a success as AMA members got to get acquainted and have fun while doing it!

-Samantha Ferguson


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