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Mentorship Social

For the third semester in a row, AMA mentorship pods are back! As part of advancing our social pillar, mentorship pods are designed to pair underclassmen members with an upperclassmen mentor that can guide them through AMA, the Smith School, and any other aspect of their lives. This week we held our mentorship social where each pod was able to chat and play a game of Kahoot against other pods! Here’s what members had to say.

“I liked that we were able to connect with someone who has been in AMA and can provide us with information about the club and Smith in general. As someone who transferred into Smith this semester, it’s extremely helpful to have someone I can go to!”

- Reeya Prasad, sophomore

“I learned that Luca is only one year above me. So we have more in common than an upperclassman would. The things that I'm going through now as a freshman is what he went through last year so it was very recent so I can ask questions about anything: registering for classes, AMA business in general, people to connect with, etc.”

- Nina Brown, freshman

“The mentorship event was so much fun! My mentor Luca was super welcoming and it was cool not only playing Kahoot with him but also choosing the team name (Maet Acul, which is Team Luca backwards).”

- Ally Rizzo, freshman

Thank you to all the mentees and mentors that came out to our mentorship social event and we hope to see our mentorship pods together many more times throughout the rest of the semester!

- Rumi Petrova


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