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About Us

Our mission is to enhance our members' educational, professional, and social experience through personal brand development and industry exposure. 
Executive Board

Executive Board



When she is not President of AMA, she is probably learning a new language!

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When she is not President of AMA, Sarah is probably learning a new language!

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Sarah Taylor

image0 (2).jpeg

When she is not VP of AMA, she is FaceTiming her dog!

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When she is not VP of AMA, Ananya is probably Facetiming her dog!

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Vice President

Ananya Khanna


When she is not marketing all things AMA, she’s probably doing backflips!

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VP of Marketing

Samaura Steele


When she's not designing graphics for AMA, Lucy is probably watching Friends or baking!

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Lucy Wordock

VP of Design


When he is not busy building the semester’s schedule for AMA and sourcing guest speakers, he is   playing the guitar, or listening to the latest country album.


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VP of Events

Chase Blum


When she is not working on the AMA Website, Rumi is probably at the gym or watching F1!

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VP of Web Development

Rumi Petrova


When he is not overseeing RedBlack Consulting, Thomas is probably drinking a Chick-fil-A milkshake!

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Thomas Grech

VP of Marketing Consulting


When he is not overseeing membership operations, Brian is watching Yellowstone!

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Brian Myers



When he is not overseeing membership operations, Luca is probably watching Glee!

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Luca Mancino


When she is not making budget proposals and working on corporate sponsorships, Andrea is eating CAVA with friends!

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VP of Finance

Andrea Vargas


When she's not planning community events for AMA, Arielle is probably getting boba with friends!

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VP of Community Affairs

Arielle Bernstein


When she’s not planning the Undergraduate Marketing Conference, she’s either at the gym or listening to a podcast!

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VP of Professional Affairs

Luana DaLuz


Recent Awards

AMA Spring 2023 Grant Winner

2023 AMA Wall Street Journal Case Competition Finalists

2022 SUSA Career Excellence Award

Social Pillar

UMD AMA is committed to providing it's members with opportunities to meet like-minded students and develop their social connections throughout their college career. We believe diversity and inclusion create the foundation for creativity. We promote the diversity of age, gender identity, race, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, and major in order to embrace a variety of perspectives in our community. Whether you’re a passionate marketer or someone who is just dipping their toes into the field, we are excited to welcome you to AMA.

Learn more about our latest social event here

Professional Pillar

Our overall goal is to provide enriching opportunities for members to grow as professionals through hands-on experience, events, and workshops. Members have the chance to attend speaker events to learn about best practices in marketing and potential career paths in the industry. This year, we are also hosting the 4th annual Undergraduate Marketing Conference (UMC) to foster an environment that allows students to network with industry professionals from a variety of backgrounds. 

Learn more about our upcoming professional events here

Educational Pillar

UMD AMA prides itself on providing members with a robust network of educational opportunities. Through workshops with industry professionals, members have the chance to learn both soft skills such as navigating difficult business conversations, as well as hard skills such as Adobe Creative Suite, Canva, and Excel. UMD AMA aims to harness its members with the skills they will need to be successful in their college education and beyond. 

Learn more about our latest workshop here
Social Pillar
Professional Pillar
Educational Pillar
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