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Mentorship Social

Today marks our fall mentorship social, where mentees and mentors get together to meet and learn a little bit about each other’s interests, hobbies, and how they got involved in AMA. Mentorship is an important aspect of our community, as it benefits newer members to have guidance from someone with more involvement and experience in the group.

At the social, mentees meet their mentors and split up into small groups to participate in a few fun social activities. First, the members play Scattergories and work together in groups to come up with creative words that start with the same letter to fill up several different categories. The groups quickly learned to take advantage of the double points they could earn from choosing a two-word answer where each word starts with the same letter. Answers like “slightly stormy” and “spoiled sardines” came about this way.

three ama students laughing, talking, and socializing at the mentorship social
AMA members playing Scattergories

After Scattergories, members stay in their groups to play two truths and a lie. Through this game, mentees and mentors get two interesting facts about themselves and one lie, and the other members of the group try to figure out which is the lie. The game is a fun way to learn more about one another and try to work together with group members to figure out the lie.

VP of community affairs, Anjali Sharma presenting with a slideshow that is about mentorship bingo
Anjali Sharma talking about Mentorship Bingo

After the team bonding games, members regroup to learn a little more about what mentorship means in AMA. Anjai Sharma, the VP of Community Affairs walks everyone through mentorship bingo, a game that mentorship pairs will play throughout the semester. Each pair receives a unique bingo card with activities they can do together this semester. These activities include things like “rub Testudo’s nose” and “cheer on UMD at a sports game.” In completing these activities, mentors and mentees can spend time with one another and get to know each other outside of club meetings. Mentor pairs will add a fun photo to prove that they completed each activity together.

Each group is strongly encouraged to complete at least three activities, but the first group to get bingo will win a special prize, which will be revealed, along with the winning team, towards the end of the semester.

The meeting is concluded with a preview of OCS and AMA’s upcoming networking event, the Marketing Networking Night. The event will be from 6-8 pm in the Van Munching Hall Grand Atrium on October 10th. To attend, members should register for the event on HireSmith and update their resumes as needed. While the night will provide a valuable opportunity for our members to network with potential employers, attendees should not anticipate any on-the-spot job interviews, and should instead view the night as a chance to socialize with professionals and learn more about what a career in marketing might look like for them. Members should be sure to dress in business casual attire.

The meeting ends with a chance for mentors and mentees to socialize with anyone in the room and potentially review resumes to prepare for the upcoming networking event.

seven umd ama students talking and socializing during the umd ama mentorship social
Mentorship pairs socializing!

Tonight’s mentorship social provided a relaxed, personal atmosphere in which our mentees and mentors could meet and learn more about one another. We look forward to seeing which pairs will complete their bingo cards, and who ends up winning the mystery prize! AMA is so excited to see the friendships that grow out of our mentorship program and learn about the fun things each mentorship pair will do together this semester.

- Katherine Gough


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