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AMA Networking Social

This week, AMA hosted its first social event of the semester, complete with speed-dating, networking, and headshot pictures!

The speed dating rules are one minute per question and consistently changing the pairs for each round. The dates kicked off with discussing which Disney character would make the best spy. Valentyna and Bea, two freshman AMA members, agreed that the Disney character Mulan would make a top FBI agent. At the same time, I thought Violet’s invisibility powers would be a crucial asset for the undercover life. When asked what something surprising about ourselves is, Arielle and I bonded over being from Europe and going home every summer to see our families abroad. We could potentially have an AMA meet-up this summer!

AMA members getting to know each other through speed dating

Imagine this: money is no object. What business would you start? Answers from around the room quickly floated into the air. Our entrepreneurial AMA members would start tech companies, nonprofits, sports teams, and fashion brands. Since no one is offering us a never-ending duffel bag of money, the conversation shifted to why we are interested in marketing. Our marketing-loving Terps around the room had a lot to say. Some enjoyed the union between analytics and creativity, others liked the flexibility of the job and the growth of opportunities within the industry, and a few appreciated marketing as a vehicle for self-expression.

AMA members getting their headshots taken!

Regardless of the reason behind our passion for marketing, we can all bond over our love for the field and our excitement to enter the industry. Of course, having the perfect headshot to showcase is the first step in reaching these marketing opportunities, so a huge thank you to Ben for photographing our AMAzing members!

Hitting pause on the hectic mid-semester life to meet and chat with fellow AMA members was the perfect way to kick off the new month. Here’s to more family events in the future!

- Rumi Petrova


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