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AMA x Compass Marketing!

This Tuesday, we were honored to host Compass Marketing, a consulting and digital solutions agency located in Annapolis, Maryland. Compass Marketing has worked with some of the world’s largest brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, and Pfizer. The company prides itself on using art and science to amplify its brands. Their consulting program is divided up into four categories: strategy, creative, technology, and sales.

AMA’s guest speakers were Zack Garten, Director of Strategy at Compass Consulting, and Ariel Tsneg, Digital Account Manager. Both Zack and Ariel are alumni of Robert H. Smith School of Business and started their positions at Compass Marketing consulting as interns.

During their presentation, Zack and Ariel went into more detail about Compass Marketing and their main consulting role in the e-commerce industry. Compass Marketing is a relatively new business with approximately 50 employees consisting of a very young team. However, according to Jack, it creates a great work dynamic because “companies know their product really well, but they look to us younger generations who have grown up in the e-commerce world.”

So, what exactly is e-commerce marketing? This is where Compass Marketing assists its clients in driving awareness and action using platforms like Amazon, Target, or Walmart, that sell products and/or services electronically. For example, one of their clients, Zoa Energy Drinks, started collaborating in early 2020 and launched their product on Amazon in March.

Today, Zoa is the top-rated energy drink on

Amazon, and has out-competed some of the largest sports drinks on the market such as Red Bull, Rockstar, and Reine. Compass Marketing noticed that the other energy drink companies were not taking full advantage of marketing their product. Instead, they were just selling the item. Compass Marketing helped Zoa hit top search results by making sure to use Search Engine Optimization (SEO), sponsor banner ads, and organic placement of the selling ad. Ariel also mentioned her favorite part of working on the project was working with “a celebrity sponsor, Rock Johnson”.

In the presentation about the interworks of Compass Marketing, they decided to use Amazon to show how working with a difficult platform can be successful. “Everything is always changing on Amazon, new rules, new competitors, new searches,” said Zack, “however, the Compass Marketing team is always able to tackle the issue”. Zack frequently hosts and attends workshops on Amazon where he helps Compass Marketing stay up to date on new trends as well as being able to market their skills to over

300-400 businesses.

Samuel (Sam) Snitkovsky, their current intern mentioned that “I am always doing something different, and I love it, no job is the same and it's very hands-on”. Zack and Ariel also presented an advertisement for GoGo Squeeze, another Compass Marketing client featured on Amazon, which Sam researched, designed, and promoted.

Compass Marketing offers several internship positions each season. The internship involves acting as an analyst where you are tasked with providing whatever support clients need. The company is very understanding of students' schedules as they were once students. Currently, their internships are remote, but interns will have the opportunity to be very hands-on as they grow with the business.

If you are interested in the internship opportunity or would like to learn more, please contact:

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