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AMA Marketing Week Recap

Hello all! We have just finished an extremely successful Marketing Week and would like to thank all that helped to make it possible, and especially everyone that came out to each event. For those of you that were unable to make some days, here is a quick summary of the three great events that were put on:

Day 1: Create a Commercial with Discovery

For our first event, the attendees were split into three groups, all assigned with the task of creating a creative, 30 second commercial that would mix both the identities of Investigation Discovery Network and fast-casual chain Blaze Pizza. Each group wrote and presented a storyboard with their vision for the perfect Investigation Discovery Network x Blaze Pizza commercial. Attendees learned about branding, efficiency in translating company values in a short amount of time, and techniques to use in order to actively engage the desired audience.

Day 2: (How to) Network with Friends

Our second, extremely successful event, was all about networking! Our fearless leader David Rosenstein partnered with the equally fearless and talented co-president of the Real Estate Club, Izzy Wagner, in order to teach us all about how to make business connections. They focused on using the messaging feature on LinkedIn to reach out to potential employers, and provided three easy steps to write a quality introductory message:

1) Introduce yourself as a student or your current role

2) What do you want to talk about? What makes it so that you're asking me and not someone else?

3) Clarify your intent is to learn

After establishing these main tips, we jumped right into practicing those new skills by finding and messaging UMD alumni using the introductory format we were given. It was a very informative event, and, once again, we would like to thank the Real Estate Club for working with us to put it on!

Day 3: Apple: Design Your Own Logo

For our final educational event, Michelle Lui, our VP of Professional Affairs and an Apple Campus Representative, provided attendees with iPads and Apple Pencils to be used to design a personal logo. Gwayne Nulud, our Executive VP introduced us to his ideas on personal branding and examples of logos, websites, and other marketing concepts from current and former AMA members.

Afterwards, the group got into the real fun: logo design! We first used Adobe Illustrator Draw to establish a color pallette for our logos. Afterwards, we drew base sketches of potential logo designs, and used Adobe Capture to take a picture of the logo and draw the final product over the photo.

We had so much fun becoming better marketers this week with everyone! We hope the events were productive and educational. If you are interested in coming to more AMA events throughout the semester, our regularly scheduled programming will resume every Tuesday at 7pm. Here’s to more successful AMA events throughout the year!


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