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UMC Prep Workshop

Tonight, president, Sarah Taylor led us in a prep night for the Undergraduate Marketing Conference on Friday, November 10, from 10:00 AM to 3:30 PM at Van Munching Hall in the Grand Atrium! This conference is an incredible opportunity to learn about marketing from our guest speakers and participate in competitions!

Through this presentation, Sarah teaches us how to build our personal brand. Sarah's presentation is about how to maximize your UMC experience. Sarah explains how it is important to sit with new people during these conferences. This will help you meet new people to grow your network. Sarah also tells the group it is important to have questions to ask the speakers, you can find more information about them on our Events page.

sarah presenting to the ama members with slideshow
AMA President, Sarah Taylor presenting

Next, Sarah tells us we must research companies and speakers. Sarah announces the speakers and gives members a preview of what is to come at UMC. She starts with our keynote speaker, David Rosenstein. Rosenstein is a former AMA president at UMD! He says participants will find tactics to enhance their profiles and explore the transition of viral campaign strategies to career fairs.

Moving along to our second speaker, Angela Rakis! Rakis works for the consultancy, Favorite Daughter LLC. This is a small independent organization and she is so excited to go more in-depth about it at the conference. She is also so excited to meet all of our members interested in branding and marketing!

UMD AMA is also so excited to welcome back UMD Alumni Aidan Brannigan. He founded the brand Marketing Millennials - What Is In Your Brand? Brannigan is a seasoned professional with experience at startups backed up by Jeff Bezos and Drake. He wants our members to bring out their best viral campaigns to wow him!

Finally, we have Ansa Edim, founder of Blacklist, a platform for workers to share stories and resources. With over a decade of marketing, SaaS, and DEIB experience, Ansa Edim founded Blacklist. She cannot wait to meet our members and share more about her experience!

Once done introducing the speakers, Sarah dives into some fantastic and useful networking tips for members to use on Friday when interacting with our speakers! Sarah says to remember the following:

  • Start with a firm handshake

  • Be confident

  • Don’t overwhelm them with your history

  • Start with the boring stuff

Finally, it is time for our members to practice their perfect pitches as a warm-up for Friday! During this fun interactive activity, our members break into groups of 2 and 3 to practice their own perfect pitch!

three girls working on computers
AMA members working on their perfect pitch

Once members are finished practicing with their groups, a volunteer from each group comes up to compete against the other teams. Two members of our AMA exec board judged each representative from each group on their pitch!

We want to thank Sarah for sharing useful tips and allowing our members to practice their perfect pitches in this fun meeting before the big event! We can’t wait to see all of our members ready and excited for our Undergraduate Marketing Conference on Friday, November 10!

- Layla Shulman


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