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AMA T-Shirt Design Competition Workshop + Design Session

Today, Arden Lawson, the VP of Design introduces our AMA T-Shirt design competition, powered by Adobe. Before the meeting and live demonstration, information was provided in the UMD AMA Slack with instructions on downloading student Adobe, the AMA asset pack, and T-shirt design YouTube videos. He begins the meeting by introducing mock-ups.

Mock-ups are digital representations that showcase how a design would appear in real life. They help visualize the final product before it goes into production.

During the meeting, Arden conducts a demonstration showing AMA members the basics of Adobe, gives design tips, and details the rules for the competition.

Design Tips

  • Look at clothes online for inspiration and reference

  • Make multiple variations of your design

  • Just create! Just do and don’t overthink!

  • Look at the UMD AMA Instagram to get an idea of the UMD AMA brand

Arden conducts a demonstration on Adobe which shows us…

  • How to access the AMA asset pack

  • How to add designs to the shirts

  • How to use blending modes to make the designs look realistic

  • How to download the design for submission

The AMA T-Shirt Design Competition is open for submissions! Even if you were unable to attend the meeting, you can still enter your AMAzing design!

Here are the parameters for the design:

  • Make a team or work solo

  • Your design is for a short-sleeved T-shirt

  • Designs can be placed on the front and/or back

  • Recommend you use AMA colors (not necessary)

  • Blue #22e4d

  • Red #b12424

  • Submit AMA T-shirt mockup by 11:59 pm 3/17

  • The winner gets a shout-out at Marketing Employers Networking Night and a free shirt with their design on it!

Once Arden finishes his demonstration, AMA members begin creating their T-shirt designs on Adobe Express! Some members work in teams, while others work solo.

AMA wants to thank Arden for his demonstration and presentation for us today! If you want to connect with Arden, visit his LinkedIn profile. AMA also wants to thank our members who brought so many creative ideas! We can't wait to see your designs and be sure to come out to Marketing Employers Networking Night to see the winning design!

- Julia Mendel

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