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AMA x FBA: Creating a Fashion Marketing Campaign

Today, Raquel Ford, Vice President and Co-Founder of Fashion Business Association (FBA), and Gabrielle Ada, VP of events for UMD AMA join us to discuss the importance of creating a unique identity and visual aesthetic to differentiate a brand in a crowded market.

"Marketing is when you’re telling a story and getting people to buy your product.” - Raquel Ford

The FBA focuses on clothing, cosmetics, magazines, footwear, and accessories. They create marketing strategies for innovative fashion trends and continue to grow a fashion presence at UMD.

FBA Outcomes:

  • Establish connections

  • Building brand awareness

  • Empowering consumers through inclusivity

  • Driving sales: ever-evolving fashion industry

Check out some great marketing examples in the fashion industry:

We discuss what fruitful marketing in the fashion industry means to each of us using only one word: Beauty, modern, exclusive, powerful, bold, timeless, represented. AMA and FBA members discussed specific campaigns that stood out to them. Dove’s rare beauty campaign and Fenty’s representation tell a story and relate to consumers. 

Members get to participate in an activity to build their own campaign. Working as groups AMA and FBA members create a unique campaign that shows off a product. The group then presents their campaign idea and votes on who creates the best distinct visual brand identity.  

Creating Your Own Campaign:

  • Strong visuals: photos or videos

  • Legible and meaningful fonts

  • Influencers and partnerships

  • Incentives

  • Channels

  • Tell a story

AMA would like to thank FBA for allowing us to unleash our creativity during this event! Check out FBA’s socials to stay up to date on the latest trends. Fashion Forward, Business Minded.

FBA Social Media:

-Brenna Williams


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