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Trivia Night

During our last AMA meeting for the Fall 2022 semester, our members engaged in groups of four for a fun game of trivia!

As we come to the end of the semester we wanted to wrap up this year in a fun game of Kahoot! Our AMA executive board members created a fun Kahoot for one last laugh before finals week to give our members a break from the stress of finals.

AMA members playing Kahoot!

To kick off this fun event AMA members helped themselves to some delicious cheese and pepperoni pizza from Dominos! After our members grabbed their pizza we formed into groups of four to play trivia. Through the Kahoot our members engaged and answered random questions such as:

  • Name of this character!

  • Young Ice Cube was in a group of what?

  • What year did Blockbuster close down?

We also pondered educational questions like:

  • All clownfish are born ______.

  • The oldest man lived to the age of what?

This fun interactive trivia game got our members talking to use their teamwork skills to collaborate to win the game of Kahoot. We hope you enjoyed this semester at AMA and we cannot wait to see you all back after a fun relaxing winter break!

- Layla Shulman


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