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AMA Learns with Meta

This week, AMA was joined by Bhavna Sehgal, most recently in Consumer Product Marketing with Meta and a graduate from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s in Print Journalism. Sehgal spoke of her motivated mindset throughout her life, represented through the numerous internships she acquired in college. From working with SmartCEO Magazine during Freshman year to USA Magazine senior year, Sehgal explored numerous possibilities in the journalism field.

After college, her job at the National Institution of Health Privacy Policy allowed her to perform a change in her career, as she chose to go from journalism to marketing. The job focused on building awareness around the privacy of information in institutes. Seghal helped to write and implement social media policies, which involved her to break-down complicated subjects into more straightforward language, helping others understand the policies. While she spoke about her transition to marketing, Sehgal found her passion for strategic thinking and human insights, including analyzing data, finding the target audience, and observing people with empathy.

Sehgal eventually found her way to Meta, previously known as Facebook, where she was in Consumer Product Marketing. Joining the company while it was struggling with privacy and reputation, Sehgal found her new job a challenge and an opportunity to change the company in the eyes of the public.

Sehgal shares her story with students.

We focused on the tips Sehgal shared with AMA for future marketers. She mentioned that focusing on interests and values, personal strengths, growth opportunities, and presenting oneself are all essential factors in becoming a successful part of the marketing world. As students in AMA, our interests lie in marketing, and we hope to succeed outside of UMD while we use the advice Sehgal set aside for us.

As our meeting came to a close, Sehgal gave us a piece of advice for future marketers and entrepreneurs, “There’s nothing like building something on your own,” she explained, “and if you have a dream and you have an idea, I say go for it.”

- Samantha Ferguson


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