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Marketing's Latest 4/1/2024

Check out this week’s edition of Marketing Latest! From IBM's AI-inspired campaign to Kim Kardashian's new Skims ad, there is so much to talk about!

‘It Has To Be Heinz’

Heinz is kicking off ‘The Last Drop’ campaign showing people licking ketchup off of shirts, steering wheels, and other miscellaneous items. The campaign was inspired by a video of a mother licking [spilt] ketchup off of her baby to prevent it from going to waste. This ad aims to focus on culture and glorify Heinz’s global brand. In this comedic advertisement, Heinz is showing the lengths people will go to get that last drop.

Director of taste elevation and master brand Thiago Rapp says that the brand challenges itself to “move at the speed of culture” and focus on authenticity. (Valentine, 2024) He also wants to continue to allow his teams to foster more creativity in their campaign development.

IBM shows the dangers of marketers using ‘fishy’ generative AI

IBM’s latest campaign, “Trust What You Create,” educated marketers on ways that generative AI can go wrong. From Bias fish to Noncompliant fish, this ‘Trust what you Create’ campaign highlights the importance of trustworthy and reliable Generative AI in collaboration with Ogilvy. This includes IBM Watsonx and Adobe Firefly, which was used to create this campaign.

This included a 90-second takeover of the Las Vegas sphere, digital posters, and other interactive activations during the Adobe Digital Summit. While informing managers, this advertisement is “playful and inviting yet educational. It’s AI gone wrong, sure, but that doesn’t mean it’s scary or off-putting. It’s just wrong for your brand,” said Denise Zurilgen, a global executive creative director for IBM at Ogilvy. 

Kim Kardashian and her ‘Klones’

Skims just launched their first national TV advertisement titled ‘Skims Lab,’ in collaboration with Wielden+Kennedy. In the creative, Kim K and Skims’ “Chief Engineer” tested out underwear, t-shirts, and shapewear with the “Klones.”


The advertisement ties to their brand story and desire for continuous product development. It is out on the brand’s YouTube and will air through the end of April. They aimed to bring consumers, innovatively and creatively, prioritizing storytelling every step of the way



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