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Marketing's Latest 3/26/2024

Pretty Little Thing partners with Krispy Kreme 

While this may seem like an unusual partnership, the goal is to strengthen Pretty Little Thing’s brand awareness using branded donuts and other promotional activities. For example, PLT is coming out with a new YouTube series called Pretty Little Fling. You will have to watch and find out how Krispy Kreme donuts are incorporated into the show. (Bowler, 2024)

Win Prizes with Mountain Dew Programs

PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew is promoting The Outdoor Gear Program and Mountain Dew Gaming Programs. (Deyo, 2024) Purchased products will be labeled with redeemable codes. These codes will award points online, and customers get the chance to win different products. Some rewards that may be received include GoPros, HydroFlasks, NorthFace products, and Xbox products. These two programs target two vastly different niches but promote the same drink.

Fun fact: Mountain Dew’s Super Bowl ad promoted the 20th anniversary of Baja Blast.

National Football League (NFL) Expanding Internationally

In 2007 the NFL began playing football in London when the NFL Europa League ended. This allowed London to watch games without hosting an NFL team. (Broyles, 2023). With this being said, the league is growing internationally and teams are being given more access to marketing across the world.

The Miami Dolphins have been given rights to do marketing in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico through the Global Markets Program. (, 2024) This makes the Dolphins the second team to have six global marketing agreements.

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