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Marketing's Latest 2/26/2024

Lay’s uses ‘Chip Cam” to film ad during live matches with soccer legends

In under five minutes, Lay’s filmed a ‘Chip Game Stunt’ for their newest addition to their global “No Lay’s, No Game” brand platform to “kick off a campaign around UEFA Champions League matchup” (Kelly, 2024).

In the ad, David Beckham and Thierry Henry ___ the crowd looking for fans in the stadium with Lay’s in their hands since Henry finished a bag before Harry could get any.  Once they found a pair with a bag in their hands, the lucky fans were then invited to watch the match with them.

Lay’s took this a step further and partnered with Meta to create the “Lay’s Detector.” This digital experience allows consumers to scan a QR code on their Lay’s for a chance to win prizes (Kelly, 2024). 

This unique commercial was filmed in front of a live audience with only one chance to execute. It does a great job of capturing the authenticity, audience engagement, and excitement of sports games in efforts to “tie the brand more closely to sports worldwide” according to Muse by Clio (Gianatasio, 2024).

Marriott is gearing up for March Madness with their latest campaign, “Game Day Rituals”

Their 15 to 30-second spots will run across TV, radio, and out-of-home placements “in March Madness championship markets” (Baar, 2024). They are also pushing out NIL content on social media platforms. A sweepstakes will be launched and offer participants the chance to win a trip to the women’s final four in Cleveland. They must enter their loyalty number or sign up to become a member.

As the official hotel partner of the NCAA, Marriott is capitalizing on the March Madness hype. Their month prior timing will keep them top of mind for consumers when planning their stays. 

Lively fans are shown getting ready for the game in various ways with face paint and apparel and then the film cuts to basketball coach, Sydney Carter relaxing at one of their spas as her pre-game ritual and continue on to show UNC point guard, Elliot Caudeau walking through one of their Inn & Suites while the school band plays (Baar, 2024). The ad ends by flipping through some of the 30+ hotel brands that they offer. This ad promotes their loyalty platform and travel experience while also showing game-day spirit.

Reddit Partners with AI

Reddit sells its data for $60 million to invest in Google’s AI. However, many expected a partnership with OpenAI due to the company’s announcement that they would pair with “an unnamed large AI company” last week. Given the amount of Google searches for Reddit content, this will significantly increase exposure for Reddit and amplify Google’s reach.

Reddit has been rebranding in an attempt to improve content on their page, given its propensity for vulgarity across 100,000 “niche topics.” (Hutchinson, 2024) This partnership significantly benefits Google as they now have access to personalized human interaction This authentic social interaction adds value to Google’s search engine by providing “access to fresher information, as well as enhanced signals” from Reddit’s Data API. (Hutchinson, 2024) Google will use this to assert dominance as a search engine.

Lastly, Google endorsing Reddit will give media attention to Reddit’s overarching plan to launch its Initial Public Offering in March.

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