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Marketing's Latest 2/12/2024

Check out this week’s edition of Marketing Latest: Super Bowl Themed! From Michael Cera and CeraVe to Beyoncé and Verizon, there is so much to talk about!

Welcome back to Marketing’s Latest with UMD AMA. Whether you were rooting for the Chiefs, the 49ers, or you were just watching for Usher… what a game! 

Here are some of the top Super Bowl ads along with some insight according to Forbes…

CeraVe  - ‘Michael CeraVe’

First on the list is CeraVe. Their skincare ad, starring Michael Cera may heighten brand awareness and “create a positive association” about the quality of the product (Taylor, 2024). They “capitalized on a viral TikTok where a user asked” if Cera is the one behind CeraVe and “sent kits to more than 400 influencers designed to fuel the speculation” (Taylor, 2024). The big game ad shows a boardroom full of CeraVe dermatologist, seemingly apprehensive to Cera’s own campaign. “The ad was graded “A” by the Kellogg School MBAs, ranked 15th in USA Today’s Admeter, and generated the 7th most buzz immediately after the game according to Sprout Social” (Taylor, 2024).

Verizon - ‘Can’t B Broken’ 

Superstar Beyoncé was shown employing various hilarious tactics to break Verizon’s high-capacity network. This generated lots of buzz while highlighting the power of their 5G network. She ended off by announcing the drop of new music. “Kellogg’s ADPLAN graded the ad as an A, and it scored 9th on USA Today’s Admeter” (Taylor, 2024).

Uber Eats - ‘Don’t Forget Uber Eats’

Stars such as Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer were featured in Uber Eats' Super Bowl commercial. They aimed to remind the viewer of all the other things that Uber Eats delivers besides food. They focused on the theme of remembering something (such as the other things that Uber Eats carries) to forget something. “Nostalgia is capitalized on with this cast of stars and Aniston forgetting her co-star Schwimmer is particularly funny” (Taylor, 2024). This was an entertaining ad that is “well linked to the brand message. ADPLAN’s grade for the spot was A” (Taylor, 2024).

You may be wondering... how much did these ads cost? “This year’s Super Bowl continues its reign as the most expensive ad real estate on television. Brands are shelling out roughly $7 million for 30 seconds of ad time” (Vranica, 2024).

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