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Marketing's Latest 11/6/2023

Check out the marketing news for this week!

woman walking in front of the ebay luxury exchange storefront

eBay Opens Streetwear Shop

“Canal Street Wear” was opened in New York City on November 3rd to expand EBay’s Authentication Guarantee. This pop-up shop featured clothing, sports memorabilia, sneakers, jewelry, and other luxury items from top-sellers such as NYMilan and RIF with brands like Nike, Bape, and Louis Vuitton.

In 2023, worldwide interest in streetwear has increased by 150%. (Walk-Morris, 2023) This comes as no surprise after the success of the “Wear ‘Em Out Store” which eBay opened in Los Angeles last year. This strategy targeted sneaker enthusiasts, encouraging them to wear their shoes out of the store, showing off their style, instead of keeping them for display. The event was promoted at Sneaker Con and endorsed by rapper Offset. (Unglesbee, 2022)

Consumers brought in streetwear to verify the authenticity and confirm the value. EBay wants to reduce the amount of counterfeit clothing being sold on their platform and establish trust.

62% of consumers reportedly sell products for more than they paid. (eBay, 2022) Global Vice President of Fashion, Charis Marquez, believes that bringing consumers peace of mind through the Authentication Guarantee will solidify eBay as the go-to streetwear destination.

Sainsbury Competes with Aldi and Lidl

Grocery sales are up 10.1% this year compared to last year (Sutfliffe, 2023) and Sainsbury is taking market share from discounters like Aldi and Lidl. Emma Bisely, head of campaigns, explained that their new Christmas ad campaign features Rick Astley and includes authentic employees. This ad introduces their new brand proposition of ‘Good Food For All Of Us’ which highlights their product variety.

Coca-Cola and Santa Lead the Way with AI

“The World Needs More Santas” is Coca-Cola’s new ad campaign which emphasizes that anyone can be a Santa, placing value on kindness through a digital experience. “Create Real Magic” is a new holiday-related AI platform used for postcard creation which is foreshadowed in addition to their Christmas tour bus. QR codes will be used for personalized quizzes and prizes on their app. This ad and overall strategy will be implemented in 80 global markets. (Kelly, 2023)


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