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Marketing's Latest 10/30/2023

Check out this week's top headlines in marketing!

AI Soars, Ad Revenue

Large tech companies such as Google, Meta, and Amazon hold enormous market share, yet advertising expenditures have decreased by 13% in the sector (Sloane, 2023). According to HubSpot, AI can "collect data, learn customer behaviors, and analyze this information to help a business achieve its goals." Marketing teams can harness the power of AI while leveraging the critical thinking skills of their people (Riserbato, 2023).

AdAge, HubSpot.

Martha Stewart Urges Consumers to Ditch the DIY

According to the Marketing Dive, this DIY “maven” is the star of Pure Leaf’s latest ad, “encouraging consumers to ditch homemade iced tea in favor of Pure Leaf to free up time to focus on their hobbies.” For example, playing the harp to Snoop Dog’s music. Pure Leaf has often incorporated “famous personalities” in their campaigns. Stewart’s “enduring relevance” amongst a wide range of consumer segments makes her a great fit (Karlovitch, 2023).


This Burger King Ad Is Scary Good

Burger King has collaborated with American film director, Alfonso Gomez-Rejon and Dentsu Creative to create a 60-second horror film titled, “The Call.” According to USA Today, the film was created to “scare up excitement” about the limited-time items, the Ghost Pepper Whopper and Chicken Fries (Snider, 2023). Viewers can submit their phone information via to receive a spooky call. USAToday

Photo credits: Amazon, Google, Meta, Pure Leaf, Burger King



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