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Fall 2023 Semester Recap

AMA wants to thank all its members, directors, and executive board members for a great semester! There were so many fun events from UMC to mentorship socials to learning about how to create a nonprofit campaign. This semester was filled with so many AMAzing events! Here is what AMA was up to during this semester!

New School Year Kickoff

The best way to start the semester is AMA! Returning and new members attended a kick-off meeting where the AMA Executive Board reviewed all the information they needed to know to start the 2023-2024 school year! Members got to meet the executive board, learn about director positions, and all the opportunities to come during the semester!

10 Insights into Creating a Winning Nonprofit Campaign

The first guest speaker of the semester is Kelly Callahan-Poe from Williams Whittle. Williams Whittle is a full-service advertising agency that mostly works with nonprofits. Kelly shared ten insights for creating nonprofit campaigns and shared some of the work she has done at Williams Whittle. After AMA members soaked up all her knowledge, she then presented them with a challenge to target the 18-25-year-old age range for one of her clients. The members split into groups to brainstorm ideas before they presented their plans to Kelly.

Kelly then shared a small presentation about her podcast, Two Marketing Moms. This is a podcast she co-hosts with another mom in the marketing industry. Her podcast is full of information that is catered to recent college graduates and young professionals.

Member working on the challenge from Kelly

Omnichannel Marketing & The Digital Shopper

Omnichannel is a huge new marketing concept. We were joined by Kelly Mordecai and Tiffany Tribuiani from E&J Gallo Winery. They shared how they use omnichannel marketing to market the many products that E&J Gallo offers from High Noons to luxury wine brands. After sharing incredible insights, they talked about their experiences working for E&J Gallo. This was such a cool event where AMA members got to learn about working in the alcohol industry and how the strategies used can be applied anywhere.

Members at the E&J Gallo Event

Mentorship Social

Our mentorship social provided a great way for the mentors and mentees in our mentorship program to meet one another! AMA’s mentorship program pairs an upperclassman mentor with an underclassman mentee in order to provide younger AMA members with some insight into how AMA works and advice about how to get the most out of their experience. At our mentorship social, members spilt into mentor/mentee groups and participated in a variety of team bonding exercises and fun challenges to help them get to know each other.

Mentorship pods connecting during the Mentorship Social

Professional Development Night

Professional Development Night was a fantastic way for our members to learn about basic resume types and which resume is the best for every individual. We were lucky to have our president, Sarah Taylor, lead us in this workshop. Sarah taught our members about the three basic resumes: standard, semi-creative, and full-creative resume. Sarah then taught us the qualifications for a good resume. We want to thank Sarah for leading our members in this workshop and showing us resources for our members to improve their resumes!

After the presentation, some of the AMA Executive Board helped our members by reviewing their resumes and improving their resumes. Anjali was outside in the hall taking free headshots of any member who wanted one. While Samara, Luca, and Gabby review members' resumes, providing helpful feedback.

Resume reviews during the professional development night.

Do's & Don'ts of What to Do When Applying, Searching, Interviewing, and Getting a Job

For our event, the “Do’s and Don’ts of What to Do When Applying, Searching, Interviewing, and Getting a Job,” AMA invited recruiting professional Judy Goldman to share advice on navigating the job search as a college student today. Goldman shared knowledge about resume crafting, networking, and interviewing that our members found invaluable. Members asked Goldman questions about their own experiences trying to find jobs and internships, and Goldman led the group in a thoughtful and productive discussion.

Judy Goldman sharing resume and interview tips.

Creative Marketing Workshop with Design in DC

AMA’s Creative Marketing Workshop featured speaker Ziad Foty, co-founder and CEO of Design in DC, a DC-based digital development firm specializing in website design, app creation, photography and video, and digital marketing. Foty introduced us to his company and explained how he got started in the marketing world. He shared a little about his love for DC and how that influenced the idea behind his company, which prides itself on emphasizing respect and appreciation for the DC community. Foty also showed AMA members a little bit about what his company does for its clients, giving examples on past digital projects they had completed. The information he gave was very valuable to members, many of whom are learning about and hoping to work on digital marketing projects in the future!

Ziad Foty sharing projects Design in DC has created.

UMC Prep Day!

With our Undergraduate Marketing Conference days away AMA was lucky to have our president, Sarah Taylor lead us in a prep night for the conference. Through this presentation, Sarah taught us how to build our persona and brand to maximize our UMC experience to its fullest. Sarah taught us how important it is to research the companies and speakers before, so as a sneak peek Sarah introduced every speaker who would be at the conference. Once done introducing the speakers, Sarah dove into some fantastic and useful networking tips our members can use on Friday when interacting with our spokespeople!

The final part of the meeting was time for our members to practice their perfect pitches as a warm-up for the conference. During this fun interactive activity, our members broke into groups of 2 and 3 to practice their own perfect pitch! Two members of our AMA exec board judged each representative from each group on their perfect pitch in this fun activity!

A team practicing their perfect pitch.

Undergraduate Marketing Conference

On November 10th AMA was excited to host our annual Undergraduate Marketing Conference! During the event, there were four speakers, two competitions, and so much marketing fun! We want to thank everyone who came out to UMC! This event was an incredible way for AMA students to learn about marketing from incredible professional guests. We also want to thank every one of our members who participated in our fun Perfect Pitch Competition. The competitors did an amazing job demonstrating their perfect pitch in this fun competition!

Executive Board members setting up for UMC.

DEI Event

DEI night was a great way for members to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion in a safe space! AMA invited Tait Brooks, the Director of Diversity Training and Instruction at UMD, to lead a workshop about social identities, race and diversity, and how our biases affect us in our daily lives. Members split into small groups to discuss the social identities they resonate with most, and how they have affected their experiences at UMD. Brooks tied the discussion into marketing, sharing an instance of when a company’s bias prevented them from representing and reaching a large portion of their customers. He also showed an example of marketing gone right, with an inclusion campaign that showcased a brand’s values and efforts toward diversity. Overall, the workshop was a huge success! Brooks fostered a meaningful discussion that AMA members were excited to engage in!

Tait Brooks discussing DEI with AMA.

RedBlack Showcase

Over the semester, four teams of AMA members partnered with a local company to complete a consulting challenge. During the showcase, all four teams had the opportunity to share all of their hard work from the semester with the companies and the rest of AMA. We are so proud of all their hard work and achievements during this process!

Fall 2023 RedBlack Teams

Thank you for an AMAzing semester!

Fall 2023 was an incredible semester for UMD AMA. There were so many events and opportunities for our members to grow, professionally, educationally, and socially. Thank you to all of our Executive Board members for working hard all semester to put on all of our events and special programs!

- AMA Website Development Team (Maeve Smarick, Katherine Gough, and Layla Shulman)

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