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Senior Success Stories: Gaining Internship Experience and Landing Your Dream Job

Today, four seniors and members of AMA join us to give advice and tell us their future plans. The senior panel consists of Austin Elkis, VP of Marketing Consulting, Samaura Steele, Co-VP of Marketing, Gabrielle Ada, VP of Events, and Sarah Taylor former President of AMA. They offer insight into planning for the future, career paths, internship experience, and marketing strategies. Maeve Smarick, our VP of Website Development, leads this discussion.

How did your time at AMA shape your undergrad experience?

Samaura Steele

  • Increased her sense of belonging and gave her the platform to share her love for marketing

Austin Elkis

  • Showed him opportunities he didn’t know were available and helped him work towards those opportunities. 

Sarah Taylor

  • Gained leadership experience and helped her understand how organizations work which made her transition into college easier. AMA also gave her a great network.

Gabrielle Ada

  • Networking is the biggest takeaway she received from AMA. She was also able to figure out what she wanted in her future career.

Advice you would give to your freshman self.

Samaura Steele

  • Don’t be afraid to stop doing things that don’t serve you anymore. Your time is valuable so make sure you are spending it in the way that you want. 

Austin Elkis

  • Push yourself to have goals but don’t stress over things that can waste your time. If you put yourself in good positions then good things will come.

Sarah Taylor

  • There is a balance between getting your work done and checking in on yourself. Go out and experience life because college is also about spending time with friends and taking time for yourself.

Gabrielle Ada

  • Look for internships earlier [sophomore year] to gain more experience. Have a sense of urgency and drive but don’t let it consume you. 

Sarah also emphasizes adding a personal touch in interviews because it makes you more memorable. All the seniors recommend exploring your interests while in college and using the opportunities available. These opportunities offer experience, confidence, and a network. 

Samaura created this acronym she uses when preparing for a job interview, R.A.P!

Review all your materials such as your resume and cover letter.

Actively engage with the company. Attend company events, informational interviews, and cold calls are ways to show your interest in a company.

Prepare for your interview. Research the company, find the company interview questions on Glassdoor, and practice your answers.

Thank you Maeve Smarick for facilitating this discussion and providing great questions for our seniors. AMA would also like to thank our seniors for coming out to offer valuable advice and share their unique experiences!

-Brenna Williams


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