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Advice from a Recruiting Professional

Tonight, AMA invites Judy Goldman, a recruiting professional with over 10 years of experience. Goldman has worked with a variety of different agencies and at both large and small companies. She is currently the talent manager at Blockhaus Inc. in Baltimore Maryland, a brand incubator that specializes in emerging tech companies.

Goldman walks the members through a detailed presentation entitled “The Dos and Don’ts When Applying, Searching, Interviewing, and Getting a Job,” which includes her own valuable personal advice when it comes to seeking employment in the marketing field. Goldman understands that many of the students in her audience are currently seeking internships and jobs for this upcoming summer as well as post-graduate opportunities, and aims to provide tips to guide them through their search.

Goldman begins by explaining key actions one should take when beginning the process of looking for employment. She stresses that it is crucial for people to go after companies they are passionate about, and not apply to large, well-known companies simply because of their name recognition. Goldman emphasizes that there can be many benefits to working at smaller or medium-sized companies.

Goldman goes on to explain that after one has decided what kind of company they would like to work for, they should do extensive research on the company and the recruiter they may be speaking with. After reaching out to someone at the company and securing an interview, she advises that potential employees should write several questions for their interviewer about their specific experiences in their industry and what they like and dislike about their current position.

speaker Judy Goldman presenting to UMD AMA students
Judy Goldman presenting to UMD AMA students

Like many recruiters, Goldman is of the opinion that a strong resume is a critical element to one’s employability. To her, a resume is “the trailer to a movie”; a glimpse into someone’s experience, interests, and skills that can make an employer interested in that person without going into their whole life story. Goldman stresses that a resume should have condensed, efficient language that clearly communicates the message the author is trying to convey. She advises that members stay away from flowery, over-the-top language and focus on clear action verbs and focused information that gets to the point. She also notes the importance of avoiding grammatical mistakes on a resume, as even one small error will detract from the content of the resume.

After going through a few more tips on crafting a resume, Goldman explains that a strong cover letter can also be a helpful tool in the recruitment process. She says that a cover letter should be personal and should convey one’s interest in the position as well as why they might be a valuable asset to the company. Goldman notes that she has sometimes shown favor to applicants with well-crafted cover letters even if their resumes were lacking in some elements. For some applicants, creating a website or digital portfolio of design or written pieces can help them stand out to employers.

Next, Goldman outlines her tips for an interview. She explains her acronym ICE; which stands for Interest, Confidence, and Enthusiasm; three crucial qualities to display to an interviewer. Showing interest in the company means coming into the interview having completed substantial research and prepared specific, focused questions about the interviewer’s experience in their position. Confidence means acting professionally and courteously, dressing formally to convey seriousness about the position, and aiming to showcase how the interviewee would be an asset to the company they hope to work for. Goldman notes that while self-confidence is important, interviewees should make sure they do not come off as cocky or self-important. Finally, to Goldman, showing enthusiasm means being a few minutes early to the interview, expressing excitement about the position, and writing a thank-you note to the interviewer shortly after the interview ends. Goldman expresses how much she appreciates receiving thank-you notes as a recruitment professional.

When she finishes going through her advice, Goldman opens the floor to accept questions from AMA members in the audience. Several members ask about how to navigate online interviews, which are becoming increasingly common in the recruitment process for companies. Goldman advises that applicants record themselves practicing answering common interview questions in front of a screen and watch the footage back to see what they can improve on. She notes that practice is key for any interview.

When asked what common interview questions applicants should expect to answer, Goldman replies that questions along the lines of “What makes you interested in this position?” and “Tell me a little bit about yourself?” are very common. She especially likes the question “In group projects- what role do you usually take on? Are you a leader, a planner, a researcher, or something else?” She says there is no right answer, but that question helps her gauge valuable information about the applicant and how they would perform in a team setting.

Goldman concludes her presentation by showing an example of a resume she had reviewed recently that showcased the applicant's experience, extracurricular involvement, and skills in a succinct and efficient way, highlighting the action verbs and focused language the applicant used in their descriptions of their experience.

speaker Judy Goldman presenting to UMD AMA students
Judy Goldman presenting to UMD AMA students

The AMA members thank Goldman for taking time out of her schedule to provide such valuable information. When Goldman finishes, VP of Community Affairs, Anjali Sharma, takes the floor to remind members that AMA’s first fundraiser of the year will take place on Wednesday, October 18th from 4-8 pm at the College Park Noodles and Company. Members should present the fundraiser flier when ordering which is handed out at the meeting tonight and is available on the AMA Instagram page. The fundraiser will provide members the chance to show their support for AMA and chat with members of the executive board who will be at the event.

Overall, tonight’s presentation was a success. Judy Goldman provided the audience with valuable advice based on the personal insights she gained from years of experience in marketing and recruitment. We are extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to listen to and learn from her tonight!

Click here to access Goldman's slide deck.

- Katherine Gough


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