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Denis McGlynn is CEO of Dover Downs Gaming and Entertainment. He starts the meeting off by giving a brief background on his life thus far. He is a man of many talents and gives excellent marketing advice.

McGlynn discusses different marketing techniques used at Dover Downs to target their demographic audience. Marketing communication tools like sponsorships, billboards, television ads, and radio clips. They would use database marketing to directly interact with their customers and personalize their experience. They prided themselves on having good customer service relations to build customer loyalty. McGlynn said, “It was more important to find friendly customer service agents with no skills than people with skills but are not personable because skills could be taught.”

The conversation moved onto the NASCAR industry in how their growth took a hit during the 2008 recession and IRS changes in entertainment. Their blue-collar, middle-class demographic suddenly could not buy tickets for their families, and the industry lost a whole generation of fans. McGlynn stressed the importance of filling that gap, our generation, with new incentives to regain what they lost. They are trying to broaden their demographic reach and include minorities like sponsorships with Pitbull and Michael B. Jordan, contributing to a new massive wave of consumers.

-Lexi Silverman

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