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John Sanders & Michel Grey joined AMA Tuesday to discuss the music and entertainment industry. They both have had years of vital experience that led them to where they are today. Grey founded Realize Studio and Sanders collaborates with the studio and works for Creative Partners International. During the COVID-19 pandemic, they have recorded nine new songs, gained a couple more, and commissioned two indie films.

Sanders described the rapid changes of mediums in the music industry. The transition from cassette tapes, records, CDs, iPods, and streaming. You have to find your audience, whether that be age, genre, demographic, etc. Knowing how to market and target them is essential. Customers value transparency in everything from the commercials to daily tasks. Also, product placement is essential for today’s audience.

They discussed how to capture someone’s attention in five seconds. If you cannot hook them in the first five sections, you lost their interest. That is why Sanders and Grey curate 15-second trailers for their upcoming films. The shorter, clearer, and more concise the trailer, the better for the company. Also, being able to match synergies through all the different avenues the industry provides is critical. Having to adapt, shift, and be flexible will give you a competitive edge because this fast-paced environment needs quick reflexes.

We were all enthralled by their experience and advance. AMA was grateful to have Sanders and Grey take time out of their busy schedule to talk to our chapter.

-Lexi Silverman


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