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All Smiles for AMA Marketing Week!

This Tuesday, AMA members were able to get professional photos taken at Smith for #MarketingWeek!

Above: The faces of smiling (probably) AMA members!

Left: Co-VP of Membership Operations Jessica Lobell snaps a picture of an AMA member!

Members used this time to reconnect with their peers, take a break from studying, and finally see (from a distance) what other members look like without their masks. And whoa, we look AMAzing!

Many said that they haven’t taken professional pictures since the beginning of the pandemic, so this was an excellent opportunity to update profiles for resumes and hiring websites. In our increasingly digital world, where hiring and recruitment largely takes place online, professional photos are more important than ever; LinkedIn says that a profile will receive “14 times more visits & 36 times more chances to receive a message” with a professional headshot.

Left: Following VP Nick Bailey on a quest to find better lighting. (We know all our members are beautiful, but those dark eye circles aren’t going away anytime soon, guys.)

It was great to see everyone, and we can't wait to see some *refreshed* LinkedIn pages soon! Click here for some more tips on taking the best professional headshots.

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