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1. Finding the free elements

  • There is a variety of free and paid versions of elements. The time allotted to find the best free on is too much!

  • THE SOLUTION: In the search bar enter these codes and it will only display the free elements.

  • “brand:BAAMOuJH0Ec” or “brand:BAAAAP7rQ8M”

2. Super speedy text box

  • You could just pop over to the side and insert a textbook but why not have a quick and easy fix?

  • THE SOLUTION: Just type T on your keyboard and a text box will appear. Simple!

3. Group elements

  • Sometimes adjusting groups of elements can be difficult in Canva. Possibly you’re trying to create a table or a vertical row of dots and it can feel meticulous to get them all aligned correctly.

  • THE SOLUTION: “Hold down SHIFT and click on the elements, then you can click Group on the top right and it will group the selected elements. These will then move as one element. You can then duplicate this group and align it underneath. This means fewer elements to align individually.”

4. Make text more creative

  • You can’t upload your own fonts on the free version, only if you have Canva For Work. However, there’s a way you can use elements to make the text more special.

  • THE SOLUTION: To give the letters a fancy look, when using script fonts you can add a flourish (found in the lines section).

5. Move elements with arrow keys by pixels

  • Going back to #3 group elements, it’s harder to align on Canva at times. You want to move the element a fraction and it moves too much.

  • THE SOLUTION: “Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move an element by just 1px or press SHIFT and the arrow key to move it by 10px (Note: this doesn’t work with text boxes).”

6. Using Canva frames

  • Canva provides great letter frames if you want to get more creative with your lettering. They operate just like a typical image frame, so you can drop in textures, patterns, or even photos.

  • THE SOLUTION: “In the search bar type ‘letter frames’ or ‘alphabet frames’. Select the letters you want and then drop in your image to each one.”

7. Convert text to uppercase or lowercase

  • Sometimes you want to change something you’ve typed into either lowercase or uppercase and don’t feel like deleting and retyping.

  • THE SOLUTION: Just select all the letters and hit aA key on the top menu.

8. Quick text border

  • A hack you can use to make your text stand out is adding a border.

  • THE SOLUTION: “Press OPTION + SHIFT + B or ALT + SHIFT + B on windows and a border will automatically be added around your text.”

9. Creating drop shadow text

  • If you want to develop an eye-catching text, you can speedily develop a drop shadow text in Canva.

  • THE SOLUTION: “Type the text you want. Then when it’s selected click DUPLICATE (top right menu) or CMD + C. You can then change the color of one of the text boxes and position it slightly to the left or right of the original text box.”

10. Quick elements

  • There are a number of quick element shortcuts to get your message out faster to the world.

  • THE FIX: Simply press R and a new rectangle will appear.

  • Press L and a line appears

  • Press C to get a circle

- Lexi Silverman

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