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Previous AMA UMD President, David Rosenstein, returned to provide us with some insight since graduating last spring. David is working at LinkedIn and gave us his “Top 10 Resume Hacks for Getting A Job,” which were impactful, insightful, and incredible. The whole general body of AMA was captivated by his “bunny energizer” spirit and wisdom.

One of the webinar points was using the XYZ formula for writing resume bullets. This concept is helping formulate smarter writing and use of one’s skills. The goal is to present your experience in this manner: I accomplished X as measured by Y doing Z. Another topic of discussion was when to have an artistically designed resume versus a business one and how knowing your audience is essential in choosing.

David also discussed networking as a critical tool for getting your foot in the door. He would set out for a company or position he wanted nine months in advance when applications were live. David would find ways to reach out through LinkedIn, Smith Alumni Portal, and mutual friends to continuously stay relevant in the eyes of the organization.

David’s experiences provided excellent recommendations for AMA students. He is Terp proud and loves AMA UMD. Connect with him on LinkedIn for further questions.

-Lexi Silverman

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