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UMD AMA 2022-2023 Wrapped

That’s a wrap on the UMD AMA 2022-2023 year! Let's take a look at our yearly highlights and accomplishments that we have achieved with the help of our general body members, executive board, advisors, and guest speakers!

Professional Event Highlight: Marketing Employer Networking Night

This past month, we held the second annual Marketing Employer Networking Night! UMD AMA was named one of AMA’s 2023 Spring Career Forum Grant Recipients for taking a unique approach to this event! Chase Blum, our VP of Events, planned a networking night that consisted of rapid-fire networking sessions with Amazon, Amtrak, Marriott International, Blue Corona, Enterprise Holdings, The Nonprofit Alliance, and Techtronic Industries followed by an hour of casual networking, free food, and raffles! On Monday night, UMD AMA won the SUSA Club Event of the Year Award for MENN!

Sarah and Ananya accepting the SUSA Club Event of the Year Award for UMD AMA's Marketing Employer Networking Night event.
Sarah and Ananya accepting the SUSA Club Event of the Year Award!

Educational Event Highlight: UMD AMA x McCormick

The company that we all know from our spice cabinet, McCormick, came in March to host a multicultural marketing workshop and competition among UMD AMA members for their El Guapo brand. After learning about the El Guapo brand and target market, members were split up into teams and tasked with deciding how to market El Guapo dried peppers to bicultural Hispanics. Members loved this mini-case competition and looked absolutely stunning in their French’s beanie prize!

UMD AMA members wearing bright yellow McCormick French's beanies.
UMD AMA members looking AMAzing in their French's beanies!

Social Event Highlight: Mentorship Social

For the third semester in a row, UMD AMA hosted mentorship pods to advance our social pillar! Underclassman members are paired with an upperclassmen mentor that can guide them through AMA, the Smith School, and life in general! In March, we held a big mentorship social where pods competed against each other in a game of Kahoot. It was a great bonding experience and gave all of us a chance to relax for a night.

UMD AMA Mentorship pods competing against each other in Kahoot!
UMD AMA mentorship pods competing against each other in Kahoot!

RedBlack Consulting

This year, UMD AMA's consulting group, RedBlack, had a total of five teams perform semester-long marketing consulting projects for local Maryland businesses! Clients this year included Tokoa Cheesesteak, HJH Libraries for All, My Heart's Home, PEAK Physical Therapy, and Colleen Costanzo. Huge props to all of our RedBlack members that put in months of hard work into their client solutions and presentations. We love seeing our members gain real-life experience while helping to grow small businesses. See you back again in the fall for more marketing consulting projects!

Our Spring 2023 RedBlack teams with the VP of Marketing Consulting Thomas Grech!
Our Spring 2023 RedBlack teams with the VP of Marketing Consulting, Thomas Grech!

AMA International Collegiate Conference

This year, UMD AMA was proud to be able to attend the AMA International Collegiate Conference in New Orleans! Our executive board members Sarah, Ananya, Chase, Luca, Rumi, Arielle, and Samaura got the opportunity to represent the University of Maryland, College Park at the conference where our chapter won an “outstanding” recognition in the areas of professional development, internal and external communications, and membership.

Our chapter was also selected to present on Executive Board Leadership and Planning, led by President Sarah Taylor and Vice President Ananya Khanna. We were able to highlight how we structure our executive board, conduct transitions, and organize our internal communications in order to aid smaller chapters that are looking to grow. Hearing presentations from other executive boards was also a great opportunity for our board to learn and continue to improve in the future.

Our executive board was able to connect with other AMA chapters, learn from marketing industry professionals, and explore all that New Orleans has to offer! Thank you to our advisors Mary Beth Furst and Laura Steeg for supporting us in this experience.

Samaura, Arielle, Luca, Sarah, Rumi, Chase, and Ananya at AMA ICC 2023.
Samaura, Arielle, Luca, Sarah, Rumi, Chase, and Ananya at AMA ICC 2023!

We would like to say a huge thank you to all of our members who came out every Tuesday night to attend our workshops, guest speakers, networking nights, and social events this year. We would not be UMD AMA without you. To all of our executive board members that are graduating, we will miss you greatly and to all the new vice presidents, we welcome you with open arms. Thank you to everyone who made this year a success and we can't wait to see everyone back in the fall!

UMD AMA 2022-2023 executive board members.
Goodbye from your 2022-2023 UMD AMA executive board!

- Rumi Petrova


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