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Nando’s Brand Manager, Sam Blum, talked to AMA about his exciting upcoming projects and previous successes. He gave the group background information about the company, including how Nando’s PERi-PERi was founded in South Africa in 1987. Blum also explained the significance of Nando’s foundation and background on the organization, giving them a fresh perspective and company culture.

One part that Blum highlighted during his presentation was the usage of influences and social media as an overall strategy. Nando’s has utilized micro and macro-influencers, including big names like Jennifer Hudson, G-Eazy, and Lizzo, to promote their products on various platforms. The job entails being creative and using campaign strategies to develop meaningful events.

Another incredibly valuable part of his presentation was when Blum gave a few examples of great projects he has had the privilege to work on throughout his career. One of these was imitating Sofar Sounds’ idea of creating pop-up concert experiences at Nando’s locations. Another successful project was Nando’s hosting the street artists of POW!WOW! and gathering a hub of influential people to experience the power of art together. Nando decorated the DC location with their artwork collection to stimulate an environment of understanding and appreciation. Nando’s did a couple of other events: a Fire and Spice tour for influencers, Nando’s x Queer Eye event, and an Election Campaigning menu.

Our members loved hearing about Blum’s experience as a fellow Terp and as a marketing professional and are so thankful he came to speak to us!

-Lexi Silverman

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