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Marketing Career Paths: Agricultural Marketing

As members of the American Marketing Association (AMA), many of us know that marketing is an incredibly lucrative career path. However, it is easy to become overwhelmed by the vast avenues and opportunities that are available for exploration. Students are typically drawn to marketing because it is rooted in creativity, communication, and merchandising. Feelings of excitement may ensue after a major is declared or an internship is secured, but then many marketing students may find themselves questioning; What are my next steps and where do I go from here?

Agricultural Marketing is one of the fastest-growing segments of the marketing industry. The organic market has already established itself as a $50 billion dollar industry and is guaranteed to see more positive growth over the next decade. Professionals in Agricultural Marketing are responsible for managing the concerns that may arise between stakeholders and consumers, which largely involves planning and organizing the handling of produce from farmers to distributors. This field also involves a significant amount of negotiating and relies heavily on business analytics. In simple terms, if you’re an individual that knows how to effectively manage projects and works well independently, this is a career path that is definitely worth considering.

This past fall, professionals from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the Maryland Agriculture and Resource-Based Development Corporation (MARBIDCO), Fresh Farm, and more spoke to an audience of students at the University Career Center (UCC) and encouraged Terps to reach out to professionals in Agricultural Marketing via LinkedIn. Many expressed that they would be delighted to explain their current roles to current undergraduates or recent graduates who are interested in exploring opportunities within this field.

If you are looking to learn more about this field or even pursue this career path, the USDA offers college students the opportunity to gain valuable experience with their Pathways Program. This program presents students with the freedom to work in fields related to agriculture, science, technology, math, business management, and the environment. One of the managers of the USDA National Organic program expressed that his department in Washington D.C. is looking to hire people that are eager to learn and prepared to work hard.

More information about the USDA Pathways Program can be found here:

Research this exceptional opprotunity and apply today!

Julia Lienhard


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