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Marketing's Latest 11/13/2023

Check out this week’s edition of Marketing Latest! There is so much to talk about from cosmetic campaigns to holiday cheer!

Aldi’s Kevin and the Christmas Factory

Kevin the Carrot is back as Aldi’s brand character! In 2023 alone, Aldi has six ads which have scored above a 5-star rating. Aldi introduced Kevin back in 2016. This carrot was incredibly successful in the UK, and reached 5-star status in 2018. “Kevin and the Christmas Factory” will reference 1971 Willy Wonka. Santa has a competition this year... Coca-Cola’s festive Santa-related ad received a 5.3-star rating while Kevin has received a 5.9 star rating. Brand characters are trending this holiday season and Aldi is leading the way (Carrol, 2023).

Digital Services Drive Soaring Sales for Primark

Primark, an “Ireland-based fashion retailer” has reported an 11% increase in sales growth, “year-on-year.” The retailer credits its digital investments. Prior to these advancements, they were behind their competitors when it came to their website and digital services. CEO George Weston announced that their consumers have responded positively. “Click-and-collect” has delivered “incremental sales growth.” Primark plans to continue its customer research and align its new technology with customer expectations (Sutcliffe, 2023).

Rare Beauty’s Launches Partnership with Hulu

Rare Beauty, founded by Selena Gomez, has found a way to “reach streaming audiences without purchasing traditional ads.” Gomez is currently starring on Hulu’s “Only Murders in the Building,” a popular series. Rare Beauty has partnered with the series for product placement, discount codes, social media posts, themed branding, and even free merchandise. This partnership is a “great way to reach that new audience,” watching TV. Samba TV reported 14% growth for the series from the previous season premiere (Bain, 2023).



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